Guide to Portsmouth Ferry Port

Check out our guide to Portsmouth Ferry Port. Cheap Ferry Crossings – Ferries to France, Spain and more. Plan your holiday and book your ferry crossings today. There’s a wide choice of sailings from Portsmouth. From here you can check ferry availability, get a quick ferry quote and book online. We are always 1stforferries!

Ferries from Portsmouth to Le Havre

Check out our cheap Ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre deals. Le Havre ferry port is only a 2-hour drive from Paris. This makes it one of the most used ferry ports from Portsmouth UK. With over 8 crossings running each week, this route is in high demand. Portsmouth to Le Havre crossing time begins … Read more

Ferries from Portsmouth to Cherbourg

Compare Cheap Ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg quotes today. Cherbourg-Octeville is a port town in Normandy that features a ferry port and modern artificial harbor that has allowed more travelers from the UK to venture into this wonderful part of France. If you are leaving from Portsmouth then you will want to make sure that … Read more

Ferries from Portsmouth to St Malo

Take a look at out low cost Ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo prices and save money. One of the most affordable and stress-free ways to get across the English Channel is to take the Saint-Malo Ferry from Portsmouth. You can leave right from Portsmouth and be in France before the day is done. From … Read more

Ferries from Portsmouth to Caen

Search for the Cheapest Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen deals. We offer great value Caen crossings from Portsmouth. Compare our prices today. Caen Ferry Port is actually one of the newest ports located on the English Channel. It is located in Normandy, and it is only a few miles away from Brittany. Other cities like … Read more

Ferries from Portsmouth to Santander

Find the best value Ferry from Portsmouth to Santander offers. Spain is an exciting country full of beautiful sights and wonderful people. The Ferry Port, located in Santander, is a travel center for this part of Northern Spain, and they offer ferries and other forms of transportation throughout the entire day. If you’re looking to … Read more

Ferries from Portsmouth to Jersey

Book a Bargain Ferry from Portsmouth to Jersey deal today.The journey time is around 8 hours with crossings to Jersey from Portsmouth available every day. The Island of Jersey is located in the English Channel, and is known as the largest of the “Channel Islands.” That being said, there are a number of things to … Read more