Ferries from Portsmouth to Caen

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Caen Ferry Port Guide

Caen Ferry Port is actually one of the newest ports located on the English Channel. It is located in Normandy, and it is only a few miles away from Brittany. Other cities like Paris, Angers, and Mont St. Michel are within 300 km of the Port itself, making it a great place to arrive if you’re going to travel to France.

Ferries from Portsmouth to Caen

Caen Tourism

Shopping is a big deal in France, and you will find that there are a lot of stores for you to enjoy in and around Caen. There are a variety of markets (Farmer’s markets and such) that are located within a short walk, and are open daily. A little further into town, you fill find the Cote de Nacre, the Saint Clair, the Centre Paul Doumer, and the Mondeville, all of which are outlet shopping centers.


Local Restaurants

If you’re looking to enjoy some delicious cuisine, whether casual or fancy, Caen has a lot of choose from. The Tim Sam is a Vietnamese restaurant that is well loved by locals and tourists. You can also check out the A Contre Sens (French), Le Bouchon du Vaugeux (French), La Cave a Huitres (seafood), or the Bistrot du Pere Tranquille (French casual). These, and more, are within a short drive of the port, allowing you to go there and back within a short period of time.

Historical Sights

For local attractions, you have a lot to choose from.  If you enjoy medieval history, the Chateau de Caen is one of the largest castles on the entire continent.

You can pay respects to William the Conquerer at the Abbaye aux Hommes (his burial place), or you can take a look at the various museums that have recorded French history. If you love nature, you can go to the Normandy Beaches, either on your own or with a guide.

Ferries From Portsmouth to Caen

Check out the Portsmouth to Caen ferry timetable and find the best possible deal. Crossing time is normally less than 6 hours and there are currently 3 sailings per day run by Brittany Ferries.

Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen Crossing Time

6 hours or less

Ferries from Portsmouth to Caen ticket cost

Prices start from £40

Do Brittany Ferries still sail the Portsmouth to Caen route?

Yes. 3 per day.