Ferries from Portsmouth to Le Havre

Check out our cheap Ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre deals. Le Havre ferry port is only a 2-hour drive from Paris. This makes it one of the most used ferry ports from Portsmouth UK. With over 8 crossings running each week, this route is in high demand. Portsmouth to Le Havre crossing time begins around the 5 hour mark.

Once you get to Le Havre ferry port you will find small stores and cafes to refresh yourself, and then you can step outside to take up the transportation of your choice to get around France.

What is around the Le Havre Ferry Port?

The city of Le Havre and port were founded in 1517. Now, the city sprawls out and is divided into 3 distinct regions: the port area, the southern districts and the upper town. The university areas are were you will find all that is hip and modern, while upper town has some of the oldest monuments and the famous Saint Marie cemetery too.

If you want to venture out beyond Le Havre, Paris and Caen are both within 5 hours travel time. You can also take a ferry from Le Havre to Cherbourg as a day trip too.

Traveling Le Havre and beyond:

The port is connected by a series of canals to the Seine, but these canals are also a part of the separation between the areas of the town. To solve this issue, the city has adopted one of the best public transportation systems known. There are trains, buses, trolleys and trams – as well as water boats – that will get you where you want to go.

There is also a developing system of segregated cycle ways, much like is found in cities like Albuquerque. The system isn’t done yet, but much of it is now open to cyclists. There is also an airport nearby that you can reach by taxi, car, bus or train that will get you to the main hub at Charles DeGaulle in under an hour.