Ferries from Portsmouth to St Malo

Take a look at out low cost Ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo prices and save money. One of the most affordable and stress-free ways to get across the English Channel is to take the Saint-Malo Ferry from Portsmouth.

You can leave right from Portsmouth and be in France before the day is done. From there it’s easy to reach your next destination, or you can make St Malo your destination for a quick and affordable weekend holiday.

St Malo Ferry Port Guide

The St Malo Ferry Port is located in France in the city of Saint Malo. This is one of the oldest surviving walled cities that sits on the English Channel. The city has grown and modernized, but the population remains at just under 1 million. It has a rich history, with many standout incidents involving piracy too.

Ferries from Portsmouth to St Malo

Ferries from Portsmouth to St Malo

The trip from Portsmouth takes between 10 and11hours; the weather is the most influential factor on the length of the trip – and the time of day. There are 7 crossings per week and the route is operated by Brittany Ferries.

Many people prefer to schedule their ferry trip over night so they can sleep or nap away the hours. The seats on the ferry itself aren’t rated as very comfortable, but that is actually a bonus.

Getting up and moving around will help keep your body in good condition. The seats do make perfect beds, although many people will sleep right on the floor.

St Malo Guide

There is plenty to do at St Malo if you are early. Before you check in you can explore the surrounding area. The town has grown up quite a bit and offers the traveler many choices in food and entertainment near the port. Inside the port there are some small shops and cafes to take care of any needs you may have.

Transport from St Malo

The ferry is going to bring you into Saint-Malo and from there you can hire a car, or take the train or bus to many cities with ease. Paris is only four hours away by rail. Caen, Le Havre and Chebourg are also less than a 6 hour trip by rail or bus too.