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What Ferry from Portsmouth options are there?

Portsmouth ferries travel from the UK to countries such as France and Spain as well locations such as Jersey, the Isle of Wight and Guernsey. The companies that serve this port include DFDS Seaways, Brittany Ferries, and Condor Ferries, and they will take you to destinations such as Caen, Jersey, Le Havre, Santander, St. Malo, Guernsey, Cherbourg, Bilbao, and more.

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Portsmouth Ferry Port


The Ferry Port, located in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, has a variety of companies offering routes that take you to many destinations.

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Portsmouth Guide

If you’ve arrived in Portsmouth, chances are that you want to check out all of the sites that they have to offer. Within a short distance of the port (and there’s plenty of public transport available if you need it), you can find amazing historical sites. The Dockyard is a short bit away and has some astounding warships from the past and present.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, and his home has been converted into a museum that you can go and see. You can also commune with nature at the Blue Reef Aquarium, or you can take a unique look at the coast from the top of Spinnaker Tower. Go further into the city and you’ll find even more to entertain and amaze you and those you’re traveling with.

Shopping in Portsmouth

Many people are looking for the shopping opportunities that they can find near ferry ports like Portsmouth. The Port Solent, which is essentially the boardwalk of this area, has a number of shops that you can check out, including bicycle shops, outdoor adventure stores, clothing stores, and more. Walk up and down the beach and you can get all of your shopping done at the same exact time.

You can also go into town and find a wide variety of wine, cheese, and other food shops; antique and other fine item shops, and higher scale clothing stores as well.

Eating out

If food is more your style, there’s plenty of that as well. If you’re craving British style food, you can visit the Harbour Lights Beefeater or the Thyme Restaurant (located in the Premier Inn). You can get a spot of tea at Gracie Ann’s Tea Room, or you can get Italian delicacies at Zizzi’s, which is right on the Port Solent shopping strip. There are, of course, smaller food vendors all over the immediate area, or you can stay at the port and enjoy the food at one of their cafeterias as well.

Discover the UK

Looking to visit some of the great cities in the United Kingdom? You can get to most within a few hours, and you can find a number of ways to get to all of your favorite cities. For example, London is only about 121 km away from the Port.

Even if you’re looking to go all the way to Glasgow, that’s still only about 718 km away. Most other major cities and landmarks are within 300 km, so you can make a weekend trip to any of these cities, from the Port, with no issue at all.